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Paycoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Paycoin uses a proof-of-stake method in order for the Paycoin blockchain network to achieve distributed consensus. Paycoin Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency and everyone can contribute.

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The Paycoin Foundation is responsible for the hosting of this site and the community contributes to the upkeep and maintenance.

About Paycoin

The people's money

What is Paycoin?

Paycoin is a global currency that lets you send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sending and accepting money is virtually free, lightning fast and insanely easy.

Every fiat based currency since the first century has followed the same pattern; devaluation followed by collapse along with the economy that surrounds it. Now is the time to learn from the mistakes of the past. It’s often said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It's time to break this cycle and give the people more control over their own currency.

Paycoin is a new form of currency.

Paycoin lets you send money instantly to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This method removes the need for third parties, typically banks, from transactions allowing you to be in control.

Major groups working on Paycoin

  • BCI corp - ( website not currently available )

    This group is currently managing Zencloud allowing the service to continue for customers who bought products from GAW.

  • Team Paycoin - ( )

    "Team Paycoin is a group of experts and enthusiasts who have come together to help change and improve Paycoin. We aim to protect the integrity of the Paycoin community. Assist in increased user and merchant adoption and produce useful and meaningful tools to help the community."

  • Paycoin Foundation - ( )

    "Promote, educate and empower people of all cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic status to spend, send and save with cryptocurrency and to help lead the world to see the benefits of cryptocurrency as a whole."

  • XPY dev - ( )

    "The Paycoin core developers (XPYdev) is a Texas not for profit company dedicated to the further development of the Paycoin core code. The organization works closely with the Paycoin Foundation on matters of coin adoption and acceptance as well as the XPY Trust on new business plans and community driven models to enhance awareness of Paycoin. XPY dev was initially founded by the creators of Paycoin in order to continue the origonal design and mission of Paycoin."

  • XPY Trust - ( website not currently available )

    Set up to help business adoption as well as to help promote and support Paycoin businesses. XPY Trust actively works with other groups listed here.

Your wallet options

Paycoin wallet

Online wallet / Staking options

Currently has an online staking solution that you can sign up for below and more features have been discussed for the future. If you are interested in an online option for your Paycoins see the resouces section or checkout by clicking on the button below.

Home wallet

Download a wallet for your home computer

Download your home PC wallet

We have downloads of the current version home wallet available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Please view this page on your desktop computer or enlarge this window to download.

Merchant Information

Current Merchants

Check out some of the current Paycoin merchants.

Payment Gateways

Please note that the Paycoin Foundation does not maintain the sites listed below. If there is an issue with one of the sites please contact their respective owners.

If you have created a payment solution that integrates Paycoin as an option for purchases, please let us know via our support page.

Merchant Resources

Brand guide

Branding information to help you set up your site or Paycoin related tools.

Merchant resources

Paycoin Merchant Graphics for online retail solutions using Paycoin.

Paycoin tools & resources

Public Ledger

For details on transactions and additional information, view the public ledger.

Network Burn Address

A burn address is a proveably unspendable address that removes any Paycoin sent to it from the total money supply.

The burn address for the Paycoin network is:
Coming soon!

Useful sites

Below is a list of some useful web resources that Paycoin users have created. These tools are maintained by the individual owners of the sites not the Paycoin Foundation itself: